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D-Day: America Invades (pc game)
5 out of 5 (1 votes)
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Choosing scenario
  • Captain reporting in
  • Map overview
  • Choosing the best tactic
  • Continent overview
  • Advancing on the field
  • Annoying rules
  • Destroying the enemy
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Great interface, good diversity

It is a top down and a turn based war strategy game which has some very good war dynamics. The plot here is based on the American invasion of the peninsula and you can either play in the German team or from the allies' side. It also includes historical variants at every level but you can always close them. The game is diverse in terms of the level designs or war scenarios that have been designed at different levels and they provide a good in depth war experience. Though the game is not a very good realistic war simulation but the tactical elements and the fighting sequences are very thrilling and up to the modern standards. You have the single player mode and you can also go for the latest head on head two player mode. The 2D svga graphics in the game are good enough for a detailed warfare action. Moving further the game allows you to customize some of its features in the gameplay and also tends to be very quick in the outcome of your actions. The interface is top class and so is the A1 because of the great gaming engine. War game lovers also like to play Europe in Flames.