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Darksiders II (pc game)
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Hack 'n' slash done right

This followup to the original Darksiders is a superb slice of hacking and slashing and which makes for an entertaining time, especially if you're into the likes of Dark Souls and Sacred. The fascinating story takes place in parallel with the original game and revolves around the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and a terrible war between heaven and hell. Players take on the role of Death, War's brother, and travel around a vast open world trying to put right the wrongs caused when War was tricked into starting the war and to prove his innocence. What follows is an epic quest where you explore this ruined land, engaging in intense combat with a number of vicious beasts, while also solving numerous environmental puzzles. These require clever manipulation of pressure plates, levers and so on and provide a nice alternative to the combat. There are also lots of cool weapons and abilities to discover, along with new moves to learn, with things like summoning ghouls to fight alongside you, Voidwalker portal guns and the Deathgrip grappling hook. Darksiders II really is a top notch experience. The story is gripping and provides a great framework on which to hang the gameplay. Both the exploration and combat are satisfying and challenging, with a great sense of adventure and of intense brutality. The visuals are lovely, with some cracking environmental and character design, and plenty of detail to enjoy. The sound is just as epic so overall, this makes for a wonderfully enjoyable experience that will linger with you.