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Das Amt (pc game)
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Particular TBS game

Das Amt is a typical turn based strategy game which is not classic by any means but has got the elements to keep a player interested, as a mayor in Sim City, but with different approach. The plot in the game is that you will play as the mayor of a town and you need to work for its welfare and benefit for which you will do a variety of different things. As it is a turn based game, you will have to make decisions based on deadlines have to be prolific in your decisions because every decision will impact the outcome. The main businesses in the town are agriculture and tourism and you can focus on these two sectors. You can also focus on arranging Olympics in the town to drive tourism and business. The decisions should be made based on interaction and negotiation with estate agents and other stakeholders so that the decisions is in compliance with the interest of all. The user interface in the game is very effective and interactive and makes the gameplay quite easy. The Graphics in the game are also very much alluring and they keep you indulged in the gameplay. The controls are also simple and smooth. Into the Void is another fun game in this genre.