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Dead Island: Riptide (pc game)
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Zombies are back

The original Dead Island was a fun mix of Far Cry and Dying Light (although before this latter game was released) which was flawed but undeniably entertaining in terms of killing the undead. This sequel should have improved on its predecessor's flaws and emerged to be a bigger, bolder experience but unfortunately it's actually a step back, making it a tough recommendation. The four survivors from the original zombie outbreak manage to reach the haven of an aircraft carrier, but it's not long before the virus hits again and the ship crashes onto another island, thus setting in motion another desperate case of survival and slaying. What follows is a game very similar to the first one, in that it's a first-person action RPG where you must explore, carry out quests and kill zombies with a variety of weapons, both ranged and melee. As before, there are RPG-style upgrades and leveling up to be done, while the environments are more varied this time around, with ruined cities and towns to be explored in addition to lush jungles. Riptide is still a fun game, especially if you enjoyed the first one, but it feels like a wasted opportunity as it does almost nothing different, making it very much an identikit experience. The story still isn't that interesting and although many of the good ideas remain, a lot have been removed and replaced with worse ones, which is just baffling. It's a nice-looking game but this actually plays better if you're a newcomer rather than a fan, making this one to try out for those who haven't played the original. Vets are likely to be disappointed.