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Decisive Battles of American Civil War Vol. 2 (pc game)
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  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Enter player name
  • Almatamak
  • The Alma
  • Decisive Battles of American Civil War Vol. 2 pc game
  • Deploy
  • Offensive
  • Reserve
  • To Calamita Bay
  • Running
  • First Defensive
  • Losses 100 men
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5 hex-based American battles; well done

This second Decisive Battles of American Civil War volume offers the player another mix of important American history reenactments of decisive battles that took place during the Civil War conflict, in the 19th century. Design wise we're having a good classic hex-based wargame, sufficiently detailed to be realistic and in tone with the realities of the American 19th century real world conflict, and, also, a combination of single player missions and multiplayer battles, to experience it all from different points of view. A cool addition of the game is the fog of war, which hides enemy movements, so scouting is particularly important in this game. Else, you have control over squads of units, turn based, and with enough tactics possibilities that are created by the different kind of ground tiles and the differences in placement that your unit squads take. Overall, Decisive Battles of American Civil War Vol. 2 is well produced, historically accurate enough, and a great history lesson in wargaming form.