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Defender of the Crown (EGA version) (pc game)
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  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Title screen
  • Background info
  • Choose your character
  • It's Robin Hood!
  • A joust
  • Map screen
  • Take that!
  • Under siege
  • Trumpets
  • Face off
  • Choose your character
  • A snapshot extracted from gameplay video.
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A cool strategy, but very puzzle like

Defender of the Crown (EGA version) is a strategy game based on a few different gameplay portions. You get the ability to raid new lands, to buy homes and army depots and also you can go on action paths that don't really impact the main game. The story is cool enou7gh; you are a ruler of this medieval land; you want to expand, but it's not that easy; your main game looks a bit like a Risk, but a lot of the action takes place, as I said in these separate instances, that test you like a puzzler or action game would. Still, it's fun, well executed, fun to sink into, it has all the elements that you love out of game that has loads of different options. Graphically, well that's a separate questions. I am okay even with the least polished EGA games, as long as they are fun gameplay wise. But if they are not, well then it is just not worth it. So, all in all, Defender of the Crown (EGA version) goes the way to create a nice well balanced production, with loads of cool, well executed elements. I've played better games, but this one, for a Risk like is definitely going to keep you entertained more than you would have though.