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Defender's Quest (pc game)
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Stop the plague!

Tower defense games have become rather popular in recent years, with the likes of Anomaly heading the modern wave of titles bearing the name. This one is a fine example and should be played by anyone with an interest in such things. The player takes control of a female librarian in fantasy world who finds herself thrown into a pit after getting a dangerous plague. However, when she survives she finds herself trapped with other survivors, but who have turned into zombie-like monsters. What follows is an epic quest to find out the origins of the plague and which takes you into a bizarre half-world inhabited by a range of unique individuals. The gameplay is classic tower defense but with some extra RPG mechanics thrown in for good measure. There are several different heroes which act as different towers, each of which can be leveled up by allocating skill points earned through completing levels. There are also weapons and armor to be equipped to improve your combat skill and which add some depth to proceedings. Defender's Quest really is quite the little treat, and is worth playing even if you're not a fan of the genre. The storyline is unusual but genuinely intriguing, with some twists and turns along the way, and some well defined characters. The gameplay too is compelling and rarely less than intensely enjoyable. The pace is pitched just perfectly, starting out slowly enough to allow you to get to grips with things but soon accelerating to the point where you need to think quickly. Add in some lovely graphics and you have a cracking little treat.