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The Definitive Wargame Collection (pc game)
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Epic collection of strategy

That's a pretty bold title to give to any collection of games but in this case, it's actually warranted, seeing as this is a set of eleven wargames from the vaults of SSI and together stand as pretty fine examples of the genre. A complete rundown of what's included here would take too long, but you have a great mix of classics which span a number of historical periods, from Napoleonic times, to the American Civil War, D-Day and even the future, so even the pickiest of wargamers should find something of interest here. Starting with the future, you have the venerable Reach for the Stars, one of the earliest galaxy spanning 4X games, and while it's not perfect, it's certainly a fascinating excursion into a now popular genre and which laid down many of the rules which followed. Sword of Aragorn is a fantasy strategy sim which features a well developed world and extensive management and resource development alongside in-depth combat for a solid experience. When Two Worlds War is perhaps the weakest inclusion here, being another sci-fi game but one which is lacking in much that approaches fun, while D-Day is a bit middle-of-the-road but which should keep WWII fans happy. Battles of Napoleon is undoubtedly complex but is all the better for it, providing hardened fans with exactly what they want, while Gold of the Americas provides a slight change of pace, being a sort of four-player board game where you must conquer and control territory in the Age of Exploration. That's just a brief rundown on what's on offer here and while some games are better than others, it's hard to deny that for the right player, there's literally an almost endless amount of entertainment here so if you are a strategy fan, then take a good look here.