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Delta Force: Task Force Dagger (pc game)
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  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Delta Force: Task Force Dagger pc game
  • Start the mission
  • Sniper
  • Seeks map
  • Enter the base
  • In the house
  • Down stairs
  • Search the object
  • Explores territory
  • Throw grenade
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Taking out the trash

The Delta Force series of military shooters is a surprisingly long-lived one, something which is particularly curious given the generally mediocre standard of most of the games in the franchise. Task Force Dagger is an expansion for Land Warrior and like its predecessor, it too is a pretty poor excuse for a game, so you're better off sticking with things like Battlefield for your modern day shooting thrills. The original was a fairly bog standard slice of military action which saw you trekking through various locations while taking out bad guys in traditional first-person perspective with a variety of weapons. This add-on doesn't shake up the basic gameplay and offers some twenty-five new missions to play through, while adding in a new location in the form of Afghanistan, as well as thirteen new weapons to try out, alongside some multiplayer maps (although good luck finding anyone still playing). Perhaps the most interesting element, although a tad pointless now, is the addition of a level editor so you can create your own maps. If you did enjoy the original Land Warrior you might get some amusement out of this, but it's doubtful. The games are almost exactly the same, this being simply a reskinned version of its predecessor which plays almost identically. And while it might have been okay back in the day, this has aged quite poorly so it looks and plays really rough now. The visuals are basic and lacking in detail while the controls and gameplay are just too crude to be very enjoyable, so you're best off avoiding this one.