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Democracy 3: Extremism (pc game)
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Who says politics is boring?

The first entry in the Democracy series was a top notch bit of political strategy fun but unfortunately the franchise has a seen a bit of a drop in quality as it progressed, with this third entry being the weakest offering yet. It's still got some interest for genre fans but for most people, it is easily passed over. As with earlier games, this one is a turn-based political strategy game, where the overall goal is to make sure you get reelected and which requires plenty of shrew moves. There's a fair amount of depth on offer here, with everything from the ability to pass new legislation, tweaking tax rates and so on to consider. You also get some political conundrums every now and then, such as choosing judges, with the choices affecting your standing with various groups and the public. There are also randomly occurring events to keep you on your toes, as well as things like strikes which occur as a result of your decisions, so this really does cover much of the political world. You also have a handful of nations to select, each with different characteristics, while there are several options which can be adjusted to make the game more or less challenging. If you are in the market for a political simulator, like Power Politics, then this is a good bet, but it does somewhat lack in the overall entertainment stakes. The visuals are improved over earlier games in the series, and there is undeniably a lot to do here, with a fair amount of variety and some interesting choices to make. It is a little dry though, so bear this is mind before playing.