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Democracy 3: Social Engineering (pc game)
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  • Democracy 3: Social Engineering pc game
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Engineer this!

This isn't a full game and is instead an add-on the cracking political strategy game that is Democracy 3 so don't be tempted to pick this up if you haven't got the base game. However, even if you do own it, you might want to think twice about this one as although it's an interesting addition, it's perhaps a little too thin in terms of extra content to be anything other than a curiosity. For those familiar with the original, this retains the essential gameplay but adds in some very subtle new elements. The focus here is on new areas of policy where the government can affect voters' behavior in very subtle ways over the long term, such as providing subsidies for bicycles in order to improve health in the long run or encouraging young entrepreneurs to reduce unemployment. There are 26 new policies to try out here, along with eight new dilemmas in which to test your political skills, and which are quite intriguing, but this really is about as much as you can expect to get from this expansion pack. So, if you've never played a political sim before and are interested in the genre, then Democracy 3 itself is a great game to pick up. Although it doesn't sound like much fun, it's very involving to play around in such a sandbox, living out your political fantasies. If you do find yourself falling in love with Democracy 3, then this add-on might just about be worth grabbing, as it is cheap and the new elements certainly mix things up a bit. However, the amount of content is undeniably thin, so don't expect too much going in.