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Demonicon (pc game)
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Demons rise

Set in the same universe as the acclaimed Dark Eye games, Demonicon is an intriguing but ultimately unsatisfying hack 'n' slash adventure that is only really worth the effort if you're a diehard genre fan. It suffers from an overly simplistic combat system as well as issues like clunky controls while it's also unrelentingly hard so it's easily skipped in favor of better games. You take the role of a chap named Cairon who is searching for his sister in this dark fantasy world but things soon take a turn for the worse when it becomes apparent that dark forces have something sinister in mind for the siblings. What follows is a fairly typical hack 'n' slash adventure where you roam around, picking up quests and so on while killing lots of vicious monsters. There are various RPG elements, like skills, upgrades, talents and so on, but the main focus is on the combat which is a mixture of melee and occasional magic. There are also a few moral situations and dialogue encounters where you have to make decisions and which can affect the general outcome of what follows. Demonicon could have been a great little action RPG and while it's not terrible, it's certainly far from a must play. It's obvious the game was made on a fairly low budget and this shows in the choppy visuals and other such areas like the awkward controls, which can hamper enjoyment sometimes. For a game whose main focus is combat, this is an area which is very simplistic, feeling little more than a button masher, so when you combine all these issues, you're left with a game that is easily missed.