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Deponia (pc game)
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Channels the spirit of point and click perfectly

The Deponia series is a rather unusual set of games which take the point and click adventure style of Monkey Island, Discworld and Indiana Jones and which then weave a complex, tragi/comedy storyline which proves to be most compelling. This is the first game in the series and introduces players to the grim world of Deponia which turns out to be basically one big rubbish dump. Far above the miserable realm of the actual planet itself is Elysium, the only hope for refuge from the unrelenting grimness of the planet and it's this destination that the player is ultimately aiming for. Taking control of Rufus, an eccentric inventor who dreams of something more, you must explore Deponia in all its squalid glory, solving puzzles and meeting the various bizarre characters that inhabit the land. Puzzles are varied and range from inventory-style head scratchers, to logic and conversation based ones, although some of these can be skipped if you'd rather just get on with the story. Indeed, narrative is where Deponia really scores, and an undeniably fascinating world has been created here, one that is rich and complex and full of well realised, believable characters. The world itself is brought to life splendidly through some equally impressive visuals, which are unique and well detailed. The story is compelling and quite touching, while the addition and variety of the puzzles combine to create an all round experience that is lacking in very little. The story continues in Deponia 2 and Deponia 3 so be sure to revisit this most memorable of worlds.