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Desktop Dungeons - Goatperson (pc game)
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Goats ahoy!

The original Desktop Dungeons was a clever and enjoyable bit of rogue-like puzzle fun that was perfect for sneaking in when you have only twenty minutes or so to play. It combined the richness of classics like Rogue with the inventiveness of DROD for some truly enthralling gameplay. Goatperson is an addon for the base game, which you'll also need to play this, and if you're looking for a way to expand the lifespan of your favorite game, then this is for you. Otherwise, try the original first and see how you get on. The base gameplay remains the same as previously, with the expansion's main point of interest being the addition of the Goatperson class, and which flips many of the essential gameplay elements on their head and provides some very challenging gameplay. There's also a new building and some Triple Quests which both test players' skills and provide new background about the gameworld. There's not a lot else to be honest and for many players, there might not be enough to warrant handing over the full asking price. The pack is also only really aimed at those players who are well into the game or, even better, have completed it, and if you're only just starting out, you'll likely not see much of the new content for some time. If you have finished the game though, and need some new challenge, then you'll definitely find this of interest, as the new class and dungeons are very difficult and are likely to test even the hardest of players. The visuals and details are all as good as ever, but whether or not you buy this, really depends on how into the base game you are.