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Desperabis (pc game)
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A 3D medieval fantasy RPG/action game

In Desperabis you play as Kiarthan, a medieval scholar trained in the arts of magic, whose lovely lady is in urgent need for some medicine. Thus, you have to forgo your schooling and go on a journey to save her. But, of course, things quickly spiral out of control, and, therefore, your initial quest is going to take you places that you hadn't anticipated. The game plays as a first person RPG, but it's not as loaded or stat based as you'd think. However, it does pack a bit of role playing classic mechanics and it is quest based. Also, Desperabis looks pretty neat. It reminded me of Arx Fatalis, though surely, contrasting that on, this game doesn't exclusively take place under the earth. However, sure enough, there is a lot of spelunking to be done as well, in this one. So, from quest to quests, you will find yourself immersed in this one, even if the game itself, more precisely, the story is not the best thing you've ever experienced. Though, surely, it is far from bad, sure enough. So, locate your all healing crystal and be ready for some unexpected twists and turns as well!