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Detective Bogey (pc game)
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Dull and boring Mario clone without the style

The inspiration for this rather lacklustre platformer is a Spanish kids TV show which revolves around the adventures of a worm who just happens to be a detective. In this instalment of his exciting life, he must rescue his girlfriend Pandora from the villainous Dr. Sinister, tracking down clues and avoiding his minions who are out to stop you. This translates in a pretty standard platformer which sees players walking, jumping and shooting their way through various side scrolling levels. You already have a map to Pandora's location, but it must be deciphered to reveal precisely how to find her, which requires that you track down the various codewords which are scattered around the levels. This is about the only element of any originality to the game but unfortunately, its inclusion cannot help to raise Detective Bogey above anything more than being simply passable. The game is initially quite interesting, thanks to its distinctive visual style and concept, but it soon becomes apparent that all the levels are pretty much the same in terms of appearance and which soon become dull and repetitive. The level design itself is equally boring and unimaginative, while the platforming action is further marred by poor and unresponsive controls, with Bogey moving sluggishly rather than fluidly as should be the case. Even the addition of a rather bizarre horizontally scrolling bonus shooter level doesn't help matter much and unless you have played every other platformer in existence and want something new, there is absolutely no reason to play this. Stick with the classics like Rayman or Sonic or try something like Great Giana Sisters for something a little more obscure but which is infinitely more enjoyable.