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Digger Remastered (pc game)
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There's gold in them thar hills!

Despite looking somewhat similar to the classic arcade hit Boulderdash, this remastered edition of the fondly remembered Digger is a cracking little game that is definitely worth digging out. As with the aforementioned hit, the goal here is to control a little digging machine and collect gold and emeralds as you explore a mine. There are also weird little creatures called hobbins and nobbins which roam around at will and you can kill all of them off too in order to complete a level. Gold bags can also be found but you have to be careful as if these fall they can crush you. They can however be used to take out the monsters so use them wisely. In a nod to Pacman, a little cherry also occasionally shows up which, if eaten, allows you to turn the tables on the monsters and munch on them, thus taking them out of play. There's little more to the game in terms of mechanics and it remains little more than an exercise in high score chasing. However, if taken on these terms, it remains a first class piece of fast paced entertainment. Perhaps the game's most important feature is its surprisingly advanced intelligence system. The monsters, of which there are usually four, are incredibly clever and you can see them working as a team in order to hunt you down. The game isn't really unfair though and merely expects you to behave in an equally intelligent fashion, if you want to survive that is. Throw in some pretty decent visuals (the hobbins and nobbins are quite delightful creations) and you have all the makings of a simple but hugely fun arcade style game.