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Din's Curse: Demon War (pc game)
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War comes to town

This add-on to the original Din's Curse is an excellent way of expanding the lifespan of what is probably the best Diablo-style action RPG you've never played. It adds in some great value content in just the right way and is a fine example of how expansion packs should be done. The base game is familiar stuff but expected so well that you can ignore any lack of real innovation. As usual, you save the world from danger, this time in the guise of a resurrected champion of the gods who is trying to atone for his mistakes in life. You explore a dynamic, living world, slay beasts and all the usual sorts of things to be found in the genre. This pack adds in some new solo side quests, some new demons, new classes and a few other bits and bobs which are more than worth the five bucks entrance fee. If you are a follower of the original, then this is a bit of a no brainer. The gameplay remains as slick and enjoyable as ever, with plenty of action and even a bit of strategy required. The world created here has been improved by this pack and now feels more alive and believable than before, thanks to the way that NPCs now behave. The new monsters are pretty decent for the most part, although a couple are a little lacking in imagination, while the new class adds in a bit more variety. Visuals remain a little rough but with a charm of their own, but if you're familiar with the original, you'll be right at home here. Overall, if you are a fan, then get this, and if you're not, then pick up the base game instead.