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Diner Dash (pc game)
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  • A nice start for out joint
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You will love this casual game

Dinar Dash is a great casual arcade game. Basically it's an action puzzle type game based on restaurants. It an entertaining game where you will find similarities with games like Burger Time, Cake Mania etc. In Dinar Dash you will play as the waitress who serves the restaurant. You have to arrange your customers' seats as well as taking orders. Also you have to clean the dishes and entertain your customers. This game has very simple rules and flexible controls. This game is compatible in almost every OS. You will serve coffee and tiki drinks to your customers. Different age level citizens will come to your restaurant and you have to serve them very patiently. It seems very easy game but actually it's a tough game. The more I played it the more I realized it. You have to work on the basics to go to the next level. It is a game that you make you a game addict.