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Divi-Dead (pc game)
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  • Introduction sequence
  • The school yard
  • This is the student president
  • One of the hall of the school
  • Hello Yuta
  • In front of the library
  • The main entrance
  • One of the professors
  • She's the nurse, Aki
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • A snapshot extracted from gameplay video.
  • A snapshot extracted from game introduction video.
  • Image extracted from youtube video.
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Great suspense game with good variety

The game is an amazing suspense thriller which has a unique and excellent storyline and features an ending which is good enough to give you tears. It involves a great combination of super natural elements, science fiction, speculative futurism and some good animie graphics which makes it one of the most exciting and thrilling games. Here you play a boy who has been long at a hospital and has been discharged now. Your uncle has offered you to study at his school with the condition that you have to investigate the strange incidents that are happening there by checking on the students. In this task you will get to counter many interesting facts and students who will manipulate you to make the game plot really exciting. The plot is almost like the top novels with great suspense and science fiction and supernatural elements involved. It's at your discretion what step or action to take at a particular scenario. It also features some well-designed nightmarish scenes that are really attractive and interesting. The graphics are more than satisfactory or rather better than most of the games in the hentai gaming category.