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Divinity: Dragon Commander (pc game)
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  • Lead your dragon to victory
  • The battleship blew up
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Dragons and diplomacy

The Divinity series of games is a pretty solid one, most of which fall into the action/RPG genre but Dragon Commander offers a very different experience, albeit set in the same world. It takes long before the other games in their timeline but doesn't really require any prior knowledge and is thus worth a look if you're intro hybrid strategy/combat games. Players find themselves in control of a dragon knight and after the king is assassinated, you find yourself fighting for control of the land with the other claimants. The game itself is split into three distinct sections, turn-based strategy, real-time battles and diplomacy, with the whole thing being somewhat akin to the classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms series. In the first section, you simply move your troops and resources around the map or build up defences. In the diplomatic sections, various intriguing decisions are to be made, such as arranging marriages, dealing with issues such as foreign criminals and other social problems, and you must keep in mind the opinions of your counselors as you do. The final section, combat, can either be played out in real-time fashion by the player, or you hand over control to the computer and which play out in similar fashion to other such games. If you are in the market for a game which offers a bit of everything, then this makes for a solid bet. It's got an interesting set-up, a well defined world, some good graphics and plenty of variety and it's easy to lose a fair bit of time here. Definitely worth checking out.