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Divinity: Original Sin (pc game)
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Classic fantasy adventure

The Divinity series is a fairly extensive and mostly enjoyable set of fantasy RPGs which provides a complex narrative and all the exploration and combat that genre fans could hope for. Original Sin is perhaps the best game in the series but if you're interested, head back to the original Divine Divinity to see how it all began. This one tells the twisting tale of two Source Hunters who are basically magical investigators and who are charged with tracking down the murderer of a senior Council member. Of course, this is just the beginning and it's not long before it all gets a bit complicated. In gameplay terms, this is an isometric RPG similar to some of the later Ultima games or Baldur's Gate. Players take control of two Source Hunters but the game is designed for co-op play and is best experienced in this fashion. The main exploration part of the game is in real time, as you explore and chat with NPCs, while combat is turn-based, making use of magic, action points and other familiar genre elements. While Original Sin isn't terribly original for the most part, it makes up for this by being very well done. The story is gripping, with lots of memorable characters and situations to experience, while the mix of exploration and combat is well integrated. Combat itself is challenging, tactical and enjoyable while the exploration gives a real sense of adventure. The visuals are nicely detailed, with pleasing character and environmental design and overall, this is a must play for fans of this kind of thing.