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Despite its minimalist looks, Door Kickers is a cracking little game which plays out like classic strategy game Laser Squad but in real time and which offers plenty of tactical entertainment. The game has all the options and customization options you could want and then adds in some challenging and varied missions to make an all-round great package. You're thrust into control of an elite SWAT team and are charged with sending them on a variety of missions, including hostage rescue situations, defusing explosives, and running escort duties for important people. There are several different types of squad member, and you'll need to gear them up and then plan their routes and actions carefully if you want to succeed. The game plays out in real time but you can pause things to give new orders if your strategy isn't working or to react to new changes. The levels become visible as you explore, giving the game a nice sense of tension, while there's an extensive array of gear and weapons to use, including cameras, explosives, lockpicks, stun grenades and tazers. Door Kickers really is a fun little game that is well worth adding to the collection of any strategy fan. Don't let the simple but effective visuals put you off or fool you into thinking this is an easy game, as it is highly challenging. This is thanks to a combination of excellent AI and the design of the missions themselves, which will keep even genre veterans tested. Throw in enough weapons and gear to give the game plenty of replay value, and you've got a cracking bit of entertainment.