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Double Dragon Fists of Rage (pc game)
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  • Let's kick some ass!
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Fan made and fantastic

It's fantastic when you see what wonders can fans of games make on their own. This guy obviously loved the game Double Dragon so much that he made a game of his own starring the duo from the game. For those unfamiliar with it, Double Dragon is a great Beat 'em up game from the eighties. This developer made sure that Double Dragon Fists of Rage looks and plays as its spiritual predecessor. The game has a pretty cheesy plot - Jimmy and Billy Lee got their friend kidnapped by some bad guy, and they have to save him. While doing that, they have to take care of all the baddies that stand in their way. There will be a lot of kicking, punching and pushing around in a way familiar from the Double Dragon game. There are items and powerups to be found on the way and used to better your abilities. Miguel Perez did a very fine job with this game, making it worthy of the original game in many ways, including the authenticity of the graphics, fun gameplay, lots of action and fantastic level design. I give my hand to you, Miguel, great work!