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Double Pack Patrician IV Gold + Port Royale 3 Gold (pc game)
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Strategy gaming heaven

Fans of historical strategy/economic simulators will be in heaven with this double pack of games. Although neither is at the top of the league thanks to some irritating flaws, there's enough entertainment to be had here to make them worth overlooking. Starting off with Patrician IV, you have a trading sim set in medieval times which requires you to build up an empire by producing and trading in various goods. You've also got to worry about your reputation, other unscrupulous dealers, pirates and seeking out new products to sell. If you choose, you can become a pirate yourself and just steal stuff from everyone you meet. Port Royale is a similar experience, only set in the Caribbean and with lush desert islands as your backdrop. Here, you play an independent captain and must make your fortune by dealing with the French, English and other nationalities, while seeking out a life of adventure and treasure, or a more honest but less thrilling one of establishing trade routes and so on. Neither game is what you would call exciting, but there's no denying that they both offer deep, immersive and very satisfying experiences that really test your planning and strategy skills. Although ostensibly quite similar, they do play very differently, making this pack a good one to get without feeling like you're playing the same game twice. Both suffer from heavy grinding at times but watching your empire grow is always a compelling experience which overcomes any flaws in this department. When you consider you're also getting the DLC here, this is a good bet.