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Downfall: Redux (pc game)
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Dare you walk these halls?

This is a redone version of the original Downfall, a dark and compelling adventure from the maker of the Cat Lady, which was itself a superb horror experience. This one offers a similarly stylish look, wonderfully atmospheric story and satisfying puzzles, making it a fine addition to any horror or adventure fan's collection. This one thrusts players into a seemingly ordinary scenario, where a husband and wife try to save their marriage with a romantic getaway but which soon plunges them into a nightmare situation which will take the couple down a dark road to insanity. And worse... What follows is a point-and-click adventure which sees you exploring a variety of unpleasant environments while solving some very challenging puzzles and engaging in Telltale-style dialogue sections where your choices have real meaning and significance for what follows. The whole thing is told via a side-on perspective with mostly black and white visuals but which feature the odd smattering of color for striking effect. Downfall really is a cracking horror experience. It's not for the faint of heart or youngsters but if you've got the stomach for it, you'll find a truly unsettling but extremely compelling experience. The stark visuals are superb and really suck you into the dark world that is created here while the voice acting elevates things to another level. The puzzles are occasionally a tad on the random side for their own good but are mostly satisfying and enjoyable to solve while the storyline is intense, mature and thrilling, making this a top notch game.