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Downfall (pc game)
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A shattering experience

Downfall is a pretty traditional addition to the point-and-click adventure genre, as typified by Monkey Island and Discworld, but for all its familiarity, it's well crafted enough to warrant a good look. It's from the maker of The Cat Lady so that should give you a good idea of what to expect, but be warned it's not for younger audiences as it does contain blood, violence and strong language and its horror atmosphere is quite unsettling. The story is always a big factor in the success or failure of such a game, and fortunately this one scores well. It tells the disturbing tale of a a young couple's terrifying experience after stopping off in a remote hotel for the night. When the woman disappears, the man finds himself on a horrific journey that mixes reality and nightmares to genuinely haunting effect. The gameplay is familiar stuff, seeing you explore the various environments, solving inventory-based puzzles as you go and advancing the storyline to its shattering conclusion. Downfall is for the most part a cracking adventure. The story is not entirely original, but manages to be supremely creepy and unsettling for much of its running time, with plenty of shocks and twists along the way. The visual style is very striking, with handdrawn art that is unique in its ability to unsettle the player. The puzzles are pretty decent most of the time, with some clever and inventive ones to solve, although a few of them are a little too vague for their own good. Overall though, this is an enjoyable, if dark and disturbing, journey into a twisted world.