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Dr. Drago Madcap Chase (pc game)
4.56 out of 5 (32 votes)
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Game menu
  • Introducing the game
  • The slot will work like a dice roll
  • Starting point will be London
  • Vera Cruise leading
  • Choosing an action to perform for Luigi Maserotti
  • Buy, Sell, Card?
  • That's south of France
  • Deciding where to go
  • Monthly evaluation of players
  • Zooming on Vera
  • I guess it's game over
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An expanded Monopoly like, with wargaming roots

Dr. Drago Madcap Chase is a multiplayer turn based game allowing up to 8 players to engage in a tabletop, map domination type wargame that shares some ideas with Monopoly and others with RISK. The economic bit is mostly based on the ideas of Monopoly, with certain areas dispensing resources, while capturing other hexes offer other types of additions. The great thing about the game is that it allows you to play with a large crowd! Thus, if you and your friends share a love for tabletop, this can be a game you play, socially; the progression is fast enough to allow you time for some other activities, and, while not as crazy as Cards against Humanity it sure can start some inebriated brawls of its own making, hehe! Anyway, don't treat it as a luck game; it sure is a game about making the most out of your turns; low level tactics, longer lasting strategies, maybe a bit of ruse usage, this game allows all that, making it a great implementation of a pure tabletop game onto your 14 inch screen! However, for added effect, do play it with lots of people, adding a bit of confusion to the mix will also work wonders for this one!

A great family game

Dr. Drago Madcap Chase is a very interesting board like strategy game which mostly resembles Monopoly, since it involves getting rich and going from property to property, choosing what to do with it, using dices and cards. So, you and 7 more friends have to travel to various places around Europe and North Africa and make as much money as you can while doing it. The one who gets to a certain location will win a whole bunch of money. You throw dices to see how many fields you can go over in your turn (like in many boar games) and you can freely choose which route you take, but you have to be careful on which field you will end. There are also obstacles on the way, like Dr. Drago himself following you and sabotage your game as much as he can. The has a very interesting cartoonish, but high quality design and graphics system, which make the game all the more lovable. In my opinion, this is a hilarious board game for friends when hanging out together, a perfect family game and tons and tons of fun.