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Dracula 4: Shadow of the Dragon (pc game)
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The Prince of Darkness

The long-running Dracula series of point-and-click adventure games has a pretty big following amongst genre fans, thanks to their mix fo Gothic storytelling, horror trappings and clever puzzles. However, fans are likely to be disappointed by this offering as it's very short, lacks the inventiveness of previous titles and basically feels like a bit of a rip-off. The story here revolves around an ancient painting that sinks while being transported to New York but which resurfaces in Hungary, sending art restorer Ellen Cross on a journey across the ocean. However, she soon finds herself caught up in a dark mystery involving the prince of evil himself, Dracula. What follows is a traditional point-and-clicker where you investigate the story surrounding the painting while solving numerous puzzles and conundrums in order to progress and enjoying the fully voiced cutscenes. The interface builds of the one from Dracula 3 but also introduces a few new ideas so veterans will find elements of interest here. However, they're also likely to be quite disappointed in the whole affair. The main issue here is that the game is simply too short, clocking in at around three to five hours at most and with only a few locations to explore. The puzzles are decent but a bit on the easy side too. The story is perhaps the best part of the game, being compelling and always interesting while the game is also very handsome and dripping in the expected atmosphere. However, it's a tough sell simply because of the short running time and lack of difficulty. Pick it up in a sale but otherwise don't bother.