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Dreadnoughts (pc game)
3 out of 5 (1 votes)
  • Title screen
  • Taking command
  • Issuing orders
  • Keeping a safe distance
  • Flanking attack
  • Evading torpedoes
  • Closing with the fleet
  • A bold move
  • All ahead full!
  • A game of cat and mouse
  • Putting some distance between us and the enemy
  • Nicely done
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Naval simulator set in the WWI period

Dreadnoughts wears its virtual heart on its sleeve. It is a straightforward simulator of naval warfare. It is a very laid back game, in that it doesn't get caught in trying to create an intense experience, it plays at a very slow speed. In some ways, you could call it the Zen proto naval strategy of the early 90s, though there are some problems that keeps it from occupying this position on its own. You see, the game gets a bit tedious at times, because you'll get to the point where you know what actions need to be performed but you'll just know how much time they'll get. Thus, thinking strategically for too many moves ahead will kind of break you from the game's world. But, otherwise, if you can excuse this snail's pace speed, Dreadnoughts will offer you a deeply strategic experience. Also, another concession you'll need to make is the pretty dusty graphical presentation. The color scheme, the animations and the menus are on the boring, more or less ugly side. But then again, it sort of fits the package. If you want a more aggressive wargame with naval warfare go for Grey Wolf, a much deeper experience and a more aggressive one.