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Dream (pc game)
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Don't eat the cheese!

Dream is a bit of a curious beast. It's a game with some lofty ambitions and it certainly achieves some of them, but for many gamers it's going to be a bit of a slog. It's an exploration game, sort of like Myst, so there's a certain sense of pointlessness to it but if you can attune yourself to its slow pace, there's an intriguing game to be found here. You play the part of Howard Phillips, and must journey through his subconscious, where his dreams allow him to live the life that eludes him in the real world. As you venture through the vivid worlds he creates while he sleeps, you'll get closer to discovering the mystery that lies within Howard's future. The gameplay itself is very much focused on exploration and you'll roam around the variously chilling, surreal or beautiful worlds within Howard's dreams, solving puzzles, seeking out collectibles and uncovering secrets. You're free to explore at will, and there are multiple endings to discover and which vary depending on your in-game choices. Dream starts out very slowly and doesn't offer you much help as to what you're supposed to do, but if you can get over this initial hurdle, things start to click into place. Exploration becomes a genuinely interesting experience, and the puzzles are challenging but satisfying. There's a great deal of variety in the visuals, thanks to the subject matter which allowed the designers free rein, while the whole thing is backed up by an appropriately haunting soundtrack. All in all, not something for everyone, but if you have fairly specialist tastes, this might be for you.