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DROD: The Second Sky (pc game)
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Classic entry in a classic series

If you haven't been introduced to the delights of the DROD series, then you really need to do yourself a favor and head back to the first few games, as they are absolutely cracking little puzzlers. Not only will you be giving yourself some great entertainment, you'll also be setting yourself up for this game, as if you come in cold turkey, you'll be missing out a lot in terms of gameplay mechanics and story. This one is similar in basic concept to its predecessors, revolving around the bizarre adventures of the court's exterminator, Beethro, who must venture through an extensive series of dungeons, battling beasts but mostly solving some terribly clever and inventive puzzles. The whole thing plays out in top down fashion, with gameplay proceeding in turn-based fashion, and which requires you to use your noggin in order to proceed, sort of like a thinking man's Gauntlet. This sequel adds in some new mechanics, notably some nifty weapons, which require some careful use in order to wield effectively, thanks to their mix of advantages and drawbacks. The Second Sky really is an absolute delight of a game. As mentioned, it's not one to jump into without prior knowledge of the series, but if you are a fan, then you're going to love this. The story plays a bigger role this time around, and which is genuinely interesting, while the new levels and mechanics add a lot to what is a fascinating experience. The visuals are simple enough but quite charming in their own way, but it's the puzzles which will have you hooked for its extensive running time. If you're a fan, pick this up, if you're not, go back to the start and become one.