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Druglord (pc game)
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  • Title screen
  • Main screen
  • Drug selection
  • Getting checked out by the doc
  • Checking out some other families
  • Got some cash in my pocket
  • Getting a loan
  • Let's go for some speed
  • Getting mugged is never fun
  • Explanation screen
  • I should buy more drugs
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  • Image extracted from youtube video.
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A classic for those Breaking Bad fans out there!

Well, I might have gotten a bit carried away, there, in my title: nope, this is not a 1991 game that prefaces the Breaking Bad series, but it does offer you a way in into the world of drug traffickers, dealers and the dangers that await. So, no, you won't be dealing blue meth, but you'll surely love to know that other high risk drugs are included, for you to use so as to grow your business empire to the best of your abilities. Yes, Druglord is an economical and trading sim at its core, but the main amenities that you'll be dealing in are drugs! Don't expect glamour or nice graphics, the game is a nice, simplified mathematical only simulation, designed so on purpose not to make drug dealing seem glorious or worth pursuing. Yeah, it could have been a better looking game, but the one man dev team sure didn't pour much thinking into that. Instead, Phil Erwin just wanted to create the math underpinnings of an economical game showing how profitable the drug business could be, but if you're looking for a fun, easy to play game, you might as well give it up. Your interactions are very stiff, based on very simple inputs and outputs, but the amount of simulated facets of the business sure is well expanded to satisfy economical geeks. So go on, put your pork pie hat on and give it a go! Or, if you want an economical simulator dealing in more legal products, try Inside Trader, a game focused on the mathematics of the Wall Street business.