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Dungeon Siege 3 (pc game)
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Hack 'n' slash

The Dungeon Siege series is a pretty decent set of action RPGs which shares a number of similarities with Diablo and the like, and this final entry proves to be the best, making it a fine choice for anyone interested in such things. The game takes place in the medieval fantasy world of Ehb (possibly one of the worst names ever) which is now under the control of a mysterious woman who seems intent on wiping out everyone connected to one of the land's most prominent families. You're given the option of controlling one of four characters who each has a connection to this family and through the course of the game, you'll discover why this woman wants them dead and hopefully save them. What follows is a familiar action RPG stuff, with a strong focus on combat, leveling up and other such elements. One difference here though is that the game was designed for gamepads, so controls are more direct than usual. There are also several decisions to make through the course of the story, such as choosing to end quests peacefully or violently, and which affect how things unfold story-wise. For the most part, this is a pretty solid little action adventure. It doesn't really bring much that's new to the table, so don't go in expecting something radically different but as long as you play it with this in mind, you should be in for a good time. The story isn't the best but the action is as thrilling as you would expect if you enjoy this sort of thing and the whole thing feels polished and professional. All in all, solid if not spectacular.