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Dungeons 2: A Game of Winter (pc game)
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Winter is coming...

There's no real surprise where the Dungeons series gets its inspiration from, in terms of titles if nothing else, but the real surprise is that the games aren't just lazy hack jobs devoid of entertainment. Instead, they're pretty fun fantasy strategy/action titles which are well worth picking up. Indeed, to play A Game of Winter, you're going to need Dungeons 2, as it is actually an expansion pack for the base game and which adds a decent amount of content which makes it well worth shelling out for. The basic gameplay remains the same, and finds you playing through an all new campaign which sees hordes of undead shambling through the world of Dungeons, and which have been awoken by a hapless nightwatch guard who went in search of his lost uncle. You are the commander of these undead legions, with 13 new units under your control, including zombies, skeletons and vampires, while you also have access to new rooms to spice up your pad. The units are also available in multiplayer, which is where the game really shines. Although A Game of Winter isn't going to set the world on fire, it is an undeniably fun little experience and this expansion pack extends its lifespan quite considerably. The single player campaign has an enjoyably silly plot to follow, with some good missions to complete and plenty of humor along the way. The new units are equally as enjoyable to use, and offer some nice opportunities for strategy, while the visuals remain as appealing as ever. All in all, a nice little expansion pack.