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Too little for too much

The original Dungeons was a sort of mix of Dungeon Keeper and Simcity but felt a bit too much like a hack job to be truly enjoyable. This sequel improves on things by being a bit more inventive, but it's probably a little too expensive for what it offers, with a very short single player campaign letting things down a bit. You take the role of the bad guy for a change, the Dungeon Lord, and it's your job to help him take revenge on the world by recruiting all the nastiest monsters you can find and then using them to defeat your enemies. This results in a sort of mix of real time strategy and tower defense game, where you follow the campaign story by sending out your minions to engage in combat, while also setting traps and such to defend your own castle. There's an extensive range of monsters to make use of, each with their own particular uses, while there are also a few game modes to try out, including multi-player, and the whole thing is told with a deliciously dark sense of humor. Dungeons 2 is certainly a fun little game. There's a lot of fun to be had from trying out the various monsters in combat and seeing what they can do, and the game provides a good mix of strategy and action. The visuals are quite charming, with a nicely realized world that is full of detail and personality. The humor might not be to everyone's taste, while there is a certain lack of variety which does get wearing, but the main problem is that it is quite a short game, and for the price it's going for, it's a tough one to recommend.