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Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Sun Series (pc game)
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A pair of classics

The games on offer here might look a little dated but what you're getting are some of the best examples of the old-school RPG genre that stand comfortably alongside the likes of Baldur's Gate. There are two games included in this package, the original Shattered Lands and its follow-up Wake of the Ravager, and both of them offer heaps of entertainment to the hardcore RPG fan. The first game finds you and your party starting out as slaves destined to die in the arena of Draj, but after escaping, you get caught up in an uprising to bring down an evil sorcerer king and his army. The sequel takes a similar theme, with the Dragon of Ur Draxa casting his gaze over the land so once again it falls to you to keep the land safe from tyranny. In gameplay terms, the two games are similar, being top down adventures similar to the early Ultima titles. As is usual, you explore, recruit different characters to your party, embark on quests, explore and of course slay lots of monsters. There's a great amount of content on offer here, with two games that will keep you playing for some time thanks to their epic nature. They both look a little rough and ready compared to modern games but that's part of their charm, and the depth, solid writing and enjoyable combat make up for any shortcomings in this department. There's a real sense of choice and open-endedness too, and you do feel as if you're making your own way in this dark world. The first game is perhaps the best, but as a package, this is top notch stuff.