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Hypnotic action

Dyad is a strange mix of classic shooter Tempest, puzzler Tetris and modern classic Rez, and turns out to be a hypnotic and imaginative experience. It's got a simple enough concept but combines it with elegant gameplay and clever mechanics to make a worthwhile investment of your time and money. The only real problem is that the concept becomes apparently too simple the longer you play, and repetition soon sets in, but apart from this, Dyad is a fine game. The gameplay here finds you haring down a tunnel, with the simple goal of blasting the living daylights out of everything that comes your way. The difference between this game and other similar shooters is the mechanics, such as the interactive music and other such features, which turn this game into a hypnotic experience. The tunnel system is rendered in eye melting neon, with a pace to match and although the game seems very complex, with a lot going on on the screen, everything is explained through a simple and clever tutorial system. Although Dyad is far from a complex game, and certainly isn't going to last you forever, while the ride does last, it's a lot of fun. The pace starts out fast and doesn't let up, and once you get into your groove, the game transcends its simple origins. The visuals are stylish and slick, adding to the hypnotic nature, with lots of cool special effects to catch the eye. The sound is just as cool, adding much to the atmosphere, and it's only through prolonged play that a few cracks begin to show in the surface. In the short term though, this is a fun shooter.