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Up there with the best of them

Although Eador is a relatively modern game, it's done in a deliberately old-school fashion that is inspired by the likes of Master of Magic, Warlords and Civilization and which turns out to be equally as good as the classics. It's a fantasy-style turn-based strategy game with RPG elements that takes the player into a world which has been shattered in various shards by some pretty powerful magic. It falls to you to unite the various sundered lands and which requires both diplomacy and might on the battlefield if you are to succeed. The game takes place on a randomly generated set of landscapes and you get to send your heroes out to explore and uncover the many towns and provinces. The more you discover, the more income you get and the more you build up a prosperous population. Of course, there are monsters lurking out there too, so they need kicking around a bit, in turn-based combat sequences, while there are plenty of things like class progression, magic and hiring mercenaries to add to the fun. Although it might not be very well known, Eador is a top notch bit of strategy action. It's got plenty of options and depth to keep both hardened genre veterans and newcomers alike happy, and there really is a lot to get your teeth into here. The visuals are simple enough, with an overhead view for most of the time and which is populated by some nice enemy and hero characters, which helps give the game some personality. Throw in a good control system and you have all the makings of a cracking bit of entertainment.