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Earth 2150: Moon Project (pc game)
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A great game for Earth series

What a graphics! You will love this 3D strategy game developed by Reality Pump if you have already played the Earth series before. The story line of Earth: Moon Project is unique with some improved and interesting features like building machines with parts, improved graphics, plenty of weapons etc. This RTS is loaded with 3 factions - the Eurasian Dynasty, Lunar Corporation, and the United Civilized States. When you see the colored plasma bolts or laser beams, violent shaking of screen for exploitation, sparkling energy shield around the units, massive nuclear blasts with mushroom clouds you will fall in love with this game. Although the sound quality is not that great, the graphics is excellent. The storyline start with the wars, and suffering with great advancement of science. The human race formed the United Civilized States whose works are now done by their robots. The story continues and you have to build your own world and protect it. Save the human race. Overall this is a 5 out of 5 rating 3D RTS game.