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Earthrise (2011) (pc game)
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  • Very cool graphics
  • No one is around you
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This MMO is dead

There's not much point in picking up Earthrise, as this MMO was actually shut down back in 2012 but don't worry yourself too much as you won't be missing out on much. It was a science fiction adventure set in an apocalyptic future, where World War Three had left much of the world uninhabitable. A new society where cloning and other advanced sciences had made immortality a reality had risen to dominance but these new techniques were under the control of the government, although not everyone believed in their authority, thus giving rise to a number of factions struggling for control. The game was mostly about player versus player combat, with an extensive class system, and many weapons, skills and other options to choose to create and develop your character. There were also crafting and trading elements, but the main focus was on quest completion, with a variety of types on offer. Although Earthrise was potentially interesting, in the end it proved to be a bit of a damp squib. The setting and narrative possibilities were intriguing, with a well realized world to explore, but other aspects left much to be desired. There wasn't really anything new or innovative about the game, with most aspects having been seen many times before. There was a lot of grinding to be done in order to progress, which got pretty tiresome quickly, while the game wasn't exactly accessible. Although the crafting and progression systems were deep, pleasing hardcore players, there just wasn't enough distinctive about the game to warrant investigation, and it's unsurprising it didn't last long. You're better off with World of Warcraft.