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EF2000 (Special Edition) (pc game)
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Thrilling game, fun battles

It is a combat flight simulation game which has some very good elements which are loved by combat game movers. The first good feature that I have found to be exciting is the brilliant flight mechanics that are involved in it. You can target the flying enemies and the ground targets with a lot of precision. But you need to master the controls for which you can first go for the training mode. The other modes available are the multiplayer mode and the campaign mode. The campaign mode involves a great variety of missions that are rich in terms of the options and the gameplay elements. The dog fights in the game are brilliant as the game features a perfect A1. The graphics are also good and you have some very good backgrounds in the form of clear and dark skies and the ground terrains. The controls are well calibrated to allow the player a realistic control of the flight. You do not need to land for refueling because it can be done in mid-air. The game also engages you in terms of the armors and weaponry that has been installed on the plane and it really creates destruction. The prequel EF2000 has also been very enjoyable so you can try that one too.