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EGA-Roids (pc game)
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  • Designer Software
  • EGA-Roids pc game
  • Meteroids
  • Black screen
  • Background blue
  • Destroy the asteroids
  • Shoot
  • Finish the enemies
  • Red color
  • In danger
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • It's just me adn the moon
  • A UFO has appeared
  • An asteroid appears
  • Courtesy of Abandonware Dos.
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Hi Res (for its time!) EGA Asteroids!

Technology moves, indeed by leaps and bounds, but for in the early days, going from the non graphics boards computers to the ones that had an EGA dedicated graphics board, as little change that might have done, it was still a revolution! And what better way to celebrate than to recreate a classic arcade game, Asteroids on this new graphical interface, to showcase the increase in pixels and in general amount of visual space available! Thus, EGA-Roids does just that, recreates the retro asteroids shooting arcader, in this new resolution; it plays pretty much the same, and the ship you're controlling as well as the asteroids are a little less jagged. Which is the point of the game. Else, it's got not a lot of original content about it; thus, you will definitely get a whole load of enjoyment out of it, as EGA-Roids is pretty well executed and thus a game you'll really love. So, have it in your collection; the DosBox emulator will take advantage of the new resolution instantly, so you can experience this mid 80s graphical boom!