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Elastomania (pc game)
4.6 out of 5 (30 votes)
  • There's one apple
  • Gotta be careful here
  • Courtesy of Arena 80.
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Really fun motorbike puzzle game

This game was legendary on any Pentium I or II computer as being one the early internet downloadable, made independant home brew games. The game involves you being on a motocross bike. It is the game physics that make this game really fun, as your bike begins to pick up speed you have to control it by flipping it a little bit forward or back, if your head touches any hard object or the ground it is game over. The game plays out a little bit like a puzzle game as you can choose to play one level at a time like in The Incredible Machine. You are allowed 5 level skips, which allows you to skip over the most difficult puzzles that you will get stuck on. Great fun to try to do jumps on the bike once you pick up momentum and speed and there are some well set up jumps and obstacles along the way. Be sure to collect all the apples on the level, then touch the sunflower to reach the end of the level. Elastomania is another really fun and simple Windows desktop game to download to play like many other simple games that are designed to be played during short lunch time breaks at work or school.