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Elminage Gothic (pc game)
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New-school dungeon crawling

Although this tries to imitate classic dungeon crawlers and RPGs like Ultima and Wizardry, it doesn't quite live up to its inspirations and turns out to be little more than an average slice of adventuring. The story is based around the conflict between the Old Gods and their terrible conflict which eventually resulted in a grudging peace. However, many years later, the seeds of darkness are spreading, and rumors of foul creatures and a rising evil are spreading across the land. It thus falls to you to step in and save the day and which requires many of the familiar elements found in traditional RPGs. There's an extensive array of character classes to choose from, a huge number of monsters to slay, plenty of magic spells to learn and heaps of armor, weapons and items to discover. The customization options are plentiful, and when you move on to the gameplay, it becomes a familiar dungeon crawler full of traps, monsters and loot to plunder. However, while all this could have been well and good, a number of issues prevent it from being all that fun. The storyline isn't all that original or compelling and compares poorly with Bard's Tale and the like, so if you like rich narratives you're in for a disappointment. The interface is also less than friendly, with very simple things like transferring items being a chore, while instructions are minimal, with plenty of things not well explained. Visuals aren't bad, with some nice monster designs, while the game is very hard, as these things often are, so on the whole this is a bit of a mixed bag. Hardcore genre fans may enjoy it, but others beware.