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Emerald Miner (pc game)
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Digger, looking for emeralds!

This game is very similar with Digger, so much so that you could have said its one and the same game. However, while in the older game you were looking for all sort of gems, in this game your intrepid miner is looking exclusively for emeralds, while, as you'd expect, trying to get out of the way of the baddies, and also, trying not to flood himself in the galleries of the mind he's building, or, even worse, manage to block himself underground. As Miner had done in the past, the game is produced in sidescroller 2D graphics, it allows you to dig underground, and, you can dig shafts up and down, and laterally. You will want to pick as many of the emerald crystals as you can find, but, at the same time, avoiding the enemies that lurk about is necessary, as well as digging in areas that might end up flooded. You also get a radar, to find where the emeralds are, because they are not immediately observable, and also, to speed up your digging, later on you can buy a better jackhammer. In terms of appeal, for a Digger like game, I'd say this one nailed the recipe pretty well. Sure, it could have done a few things better, here and there, but it has lots of cool baddies, lots of additional things to use and so on. So, if you liked Diamond Digger, this game here certainly is just as good.