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Get on your guns!

A mad take on the classic run 'n' gun shooter, like Gauntlet or the Chaos Engine, Enter the Gungeon is a hugely entertaining romp that deserves to be in any fan's collection, alongside Risk of Rain. It mixes cool retro-style visuals, rogue-like sensibilities and heaps of action to great effect and is quite simply a blast from start to finish. You're in control of a band of misfits who are out to explore the Gungeon, a famous dungeon wherein lies a legendary capable of killing the past, which they aim to find in the quest for redemption. You get to choose a hero, each with their own skills, and then it's into the Gungeon, where you'll face off against a neverending tide of enemies, including some pretty fearsome bosses, while grabbing loot, finding secrets and even doing the occasional bit of shopping to top up your guns and purchase other useful items. The Gungeon itself is procedurally generated, so no two games need be the same, while the range of weapons on offer is extensive and which offers a lot of room for experimentation. Enter the Gungeon really is a riot. It's not an overly complex game, requiring little more than a very fast trigger finger, but it sure is a lot of fun, although other skills will definitely come into play. It's a game which relies on skill rather than lucky loot drops, which is a big plus, while the visuals are slick and colorful, and there's a delicious sense of humor running through the whole thing. The soundtrack too is excellent and the sheer range of weapons is simply the icing on the cake. A little cracker.