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Eric the Unready (pc game)
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  • Intro sequence
  • Intro sequence
  •  Description:
  • Loading screen
  • Intro sequence
  • The game begins
  • Exploring the farm
  • Nice pig
  • Reunited!
  • Heading for home
  • Hitching a lift
  • Again?! Really?!
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  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Play it fo real fun

There have been only a few games which give a good combination of adventure and humor and this one is among those very classics. The first prominent feature which I found in this game is that the diversity in it has been mixed with some very humorous elements which turn the whole scenario into an interesting pursuit. The gameplay is supported with a lot of descriptive elements which in turn support the gamer through the course. The graphical interface is very well designed and features some very good color schemes which add ambience to the adventure scenarios in the game. Moving on, there is a wide variety of puzzles which have their unique set up and there unique resolution tools. All the puzzles are not on the same level as some are relatively easy and the others are quite tough. There are many top notch hilarious cut scenes that can really bring a smile on your face and all the misadventures that are performed by Eric on a day are reported in the newspaper next day in the form of parody. The objects and the locations in the game are also diverse and unique and the interface is very easy to interpret.