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Escapists: Alcatraz, The (pc game)
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Get busy living, or get busy dying...

The original Escapists is a wonderful little indie romp that plays a little like the classic hit The Great Escape and which mixes charming pixel graphics with sandbox gameplay and an irresistible prison break scenario to great effect. It's a fairly tough little puzzler but if you stick with it, it becomes immensely satisfying and it's a lot of fun trying to bust your way out of jail. The base game included a number of prisons to escape from as well as RPG elements to enhance your characters' skills in order to improve their chances of breaking out, but if they weren't enough, along comes this expansion pack to give you even more of a thrill. You do need the base game to play Alcatraz but if you have got it and are looking for a way to extend its lifespan, this is a great choice. As you might guess from the title, this pack gives you the chance to explore and hopefully escape from the legendary prison which has featured in so many movies and TV shows. The prison has been painstakingly reproduced in glorious pixel fashion so now you can have hours of fun exploring its winding corridors and nooks and crannies, trying to figure out just what is the quickest way to safety. The essential gameplay is as before, so you'll need to work on your team, get their stats up, acquire useful items, follow the daily routine, and figure out your route while under the watchful eyes of the prison guards. The visuals retain that distinctive pixel style which is as charming as ever and although this isn't going to last forever, it's only a couple of bucks which is worth it to say you've broken out of Alcatraz.