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Eschalon: Book III (pc game)
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Disappointing end to a fine trilogy

The first two Eschalon game, Book I and Book II, were superb old-school RPG experiences that hark back to the glory days of Baldur's Gate and the like. This third entry in the series is still a good game, but after the depth and complexity of its predecessors, it feels a little lacking and fans are likely to emerge from the experience a tad disappointed. It's not terrible by any means, it just had a lot to live up to and doesn't quite reach those earlier heights. This one concludes the epic story started in the first game, so if you haven't played that or the sequel, you're going to get a little lost here, but if you have, you can expect to uncover the secrets of the Crux stones, and who the Orakur really are. In gameplay terms, this feels like a pen-and-paper RPG, where you explore a vast world (although it's a lot smaller than before), venture into dark dungeons, look for treasure and of course slay monsters. While it's all familiar stuff, most of what's on offer here is well executed, with fun and challenging combat and an interesting world to discover. However, the main plot line is very cryptic and you are almost certainly going to need help to figure things out, so be prepared. Actually playing the game is very hard too, with tough combat and some challenging puzzles, so if you are the sort to give up easily, look elsewhere. The world feels a little empty at times too, but despite all these issues, you should still have a good time here, if you are a hardcore RPG fan who doesn't mind figuring things out for yourself.